Set of 3 Chocolate Bar 40g

Set of 3 Chocolate Bar 40g


Chocolate Bar 40g

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Ruby Mochi Crunch

Naturally pink with berry flavours and subtle sour notes. Ruby Chocolate is an exciting new addition to the chocolate family. We’ve paired it with crispy Mochi pearls to keep things light and crunchy with every bite. Enjoy the fruity notes of this unique chocolate bar and one of a kind pink colour.

Pecan sea salt 76% dark chocolate

Our Pecan sea salt bar is dedicated to the nut lover’s out there. The crunch of perfectly roasted pecans, 76% dark chocolate and a little touch of sea salt to finish. A perfectly delicate balance that is crunchy, slightly salty and sweet.

76% Dark Chocolate Popping Candy

Our popping candy bar is simple and delightful.
Inspired by the candy bars of childhood and the nostalgia and excitement of that little element of surprise. Pop! Pop! Pop! Enjoy the popping sensation with every bite of our 76% Dark Chocolate.

Expiry: 6 months (Ruby Mochi), 1 year (Popping Candy and Pecan Sea Salt). 

Dimensions for each bar: 1.4cm Depth x 9.5cm L x 9.5cm W

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